BoxEasy Jukebox

BoxEasy is a media player/organiser that uses Windows folder and file names as a basis for sorting and displaying albums. BoxEasy includes Jukebox, Shuffle All and Album play modes.
BoxEasy was written to achieve a simple album-art based Jukebox which didn't rely on the vagaries of mp3 tag information. Tired of seeing 3 or 4 albums where there should only be one, usually due to different syntax in tag names (e.g. Clash - London Calling, The Clash, London Calling etc).
Boxeasy can rip or scan for existing albums and quickly add new ones, has an alphabetical navigation bar to access albums quickly, can search for songs and create custom collections of albums. It has the ability to operate like a pub jukebox, and even a kiosk version - great at parties!
Boxeasy plays mp3, wma, ogg* and m4a* (*requires codec).
Customize cover-art thumbnail size to suit your screen, customize colour schemes and wallpaper to suit your taste! Why not download and try tit?!   NEWS: v1.9  March 2009 -  Genre support added. Numerous improvements. More customisation options.
Requires:  Windows XP, Vista, Win7/8 with a minimum screen resolution of 1024x768 (800x600 for kiosk version).  Watch Video!